Governance & Constitution

Our main decision-making body (referred to in our constitution as The Session) is made up of four Elders and the Senior Pastor. It is ultimately responsible for providing leadership and making decisions in all corporate and spiritual matters of the church. Current members of the Session are:
• Jim Alexander, Elder
• Dave Hatfield, Elder
• Brendan McNamee, Elder
• Jacob Opp, Elder
• Thom Jones, Interim Pastor and Non-voting Elder

Elders are nominated by the congregation and vetted by the Session. All members of the session must be elected by a two-thirds majority vote at a congregational meeting in which a quorum is defined as 10 percent of membership.

Membership requires active attendance and engagement, affirmation of the Apostles’ Creed, and Christian baptism.

Our Constitution, written in 2002, describes more in depth the Doctrine, Worship, and Governance of Grace Church.