Giving Options

Below are a range of giving options beyond traditional giving at a worship service that we hope you find helpful in supporting your individual calling and ease of giving.

General Versus Designated Contributions
If not designated, your gift will be a general contribution and applied to the greatest need of the church. This is the most flexible and useful form of gift to Grace Church. However, if you have a specific area to which you would like your gift applied, we have created a series of designated funds described here. Simply write the fund name on the memo line of your check, or if your gift is given in a different form, send a letter to Grace Church at the address below identifying the gift and the desired designated fund.

Sending a Check
Please make checks payable to Grace Church of the Roaring Fork Valley and send to:
Grace Church of the Roaring Fork Valley
1776 Emma Road
Basalt, Colorado 81621

Using a Credit or Debit Card
Giving can be done immediately via PayPal using the Donate button below.

Autopay from Bank Account
Many like to give on a weekly or monthly basis but may forget to bring our gifts or miss a worship service. An easy way to become a more consistent giver is to use Autopay from a bank account, much as you would pay rent or other budgeted expenses. You can easily designate an amount, frequency (weekly, monthly), and duration. Instructions on how to establish Autopay with several area banks can be found here.

Giving Stock and Appreciated Securities
If you have an appreciated stock or other security, giving by donating the security directly to the church can provide a significant tax advantage. Not only will you be able to claim the value of the security as a deduction, but because Grace Church is a nonprofit and sells the security, no capital gains on the appreciation are paid. Follow this link for instructions on giving this way.

“Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which he has given you.”

— Deuteronomy 16:17